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Hi, I’m Dunya

I am Dunya, a yoga teacher, a Longo African Dance of Anchoring Malongi (the one who roots) and Healing facilitator and social entrepreneur.

My calling is to hold safe and welcoming spaces for women to connect to their body, mind and heart with love, care and acceptance.

No matter where she is in her life, what her story is, when woman becomes more aware, more intentional, more loving toward herself, she has the power to create positive changes in her life.



“Dunya is an inspirational teacher and guide for people seeking to live their best life. Through pranayama, guided meditation and physical practice, a path opens up towards greater self awareness and care. A holistic practice led with deep compassion and sensitivity. So supportive of personal development and inclusive in her teaching. An amazing zest for life and humanity. Total commitment and authenticity. An amazing energy created in her classes makes life better.”

Sarah Dewdney


I’m so glad you’re popping over here to find out more about me. I’m Dunya, a spiritually-led hatha yoga teacher, Longo African dance Malongi and healing Facilitator.

My story

From being a devoted yoga practitioner for many years, a natural transition toward teaching happened in 2012. The next 10 years have been about learn, growing and expanding my understanding of body mind and heart synergy. I’ve had the humbling experience to bring yoga to diverse communities and people of all walks of life. From Muslim women wanting to reconnect with their bodies to individuals suffering from chronic stress, I’ve learned that what takes us closer to the most aligned version of ourselves is to recognize and honour our uniqueness. We are not meant to be the same as the next person. It is from our unique point of view that we can effectively relate to our body, our experiences, our choices, and people around us.

My life journey has brought different experiences to recognise my unique voice. Becoming a mother and losing a mother in a very short time has been one of the most powerful experiences. I had to learn to nurture myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that I could be a mother to my daughter and to others. Self-mothering has allowed a deep connection to the mother in me, Earth and the ultimate Divine Mother. From this new awareness, I was ready to meet my ancestry and reconnect with the wisdom of Congo through Longo African dance of Anchoring teacher. Longo has awakened my connection to healing rituals and the community.

In my years of service and self-inquiry, I realised that sometimes all it takes for us women to come closer to our authentic aligned self is, an opportunity and a safe space to just be. That is why I founded the Life-Giving Project, a social enterprise embedded in values of compassion, acceptance, and inclusion.

My mission

I believe every women deserves to live the best life possible for themselves. My mission is to:

  • create opportunities for women to simply breath, move in the way that feels good.
  • hold  spaces for women to connect to their inner force.
  • guide and support individuals/groups on their healing journey

My professional bio

This is a small snippet of what I have been up to for the past 10 years. I was blessed to learn form skilled and dedicated teachers, guides and mentors.


  • 200h Sivananda Yoga
  • 200h kriya yoga prenatal yoga with Camella Nair
  • Baby yoga course with the Birthlight
  • Egyptian Yoga with Babacar Khan
  • Longo African dance of Anchorying with Elima Mputu

Organisations and studio I worked with


  • HNG old fire station: women-only yoga for stress and anxiety
  • Finsbury Park Mosque: Yoga for women
  • IMECE women’s centre: chair-based yoga for women and girls
  • Maa Shanti organization
  • Mildmay Community Partnership: yoga for wellbeing
  • Versus arthritis: chair-based yoga
  • One yoga studio: Hatha yoga
  • Maha Devi organisation: Pregnancy yoga

The Life Giving Project

We create opportunities for women to connect to their inner life giving force so that they can create a more fullfilling and joyful life for themselves.

 The Life-Giving project is not-for-profit organisation that offers mind and body modalities for women that are craving for a meaningful connection with their mind, body and heart.

We believe the road to a healthier, happier woman is through safe, creative, loving spaces for her to be with herself, for herself within a compassionate and accepting community.





The Life Giving Project OFFERINGS


We believe mind and body activities should be accessible to all women regardless of economic status, capacity or life circumstances. From chair yoga to yoga for stress and anxiety, we design classes and courses for women to simply breathe, move, and connect to themselves.

We have been working with local organisations, charities and close communities to tailor activities that empower women to take charge of their wellbeing.

Contact us to find out how we can help women of your community.


We offer online and face to face yoga classes

Gentle Hatha yoga:  This is a mindful slow-paced class to that combines conscious breath with posture that enhance strength, flexibility, resilience, and body awareness.

Adaptative chair based yoga: This class will help practitioner to reconnect with a body that is defined by limitations. Whether you are yoga newbie, recovering from an injury or living with a limitative illness, yoga can bring more space, ease and understanding in most restricted places

Face to face sessions might include: Affirmation/ mantra and aromatherapy


Longo “rooting” African dance is a healing movement practice that takes its roots from The Congo. Conscious breath, codified movements and affirmations are woven together to allow dancers (malongis) to establish a long lasting positive and loving relationships with their body, heart and mind. It is an art of dance composed of 36 movements. Each class last 1:30/2 hours and explores one movement at the time. Classes are beginners friendly and promote group unity and non competitiveness.

All sessions include

– coordination of the left and right brain

– unifying feminine and the masculine energies

– releasing deep muscles (particularly pelvis muscles)

– conscious breathing

– attentiveness and self awareness

“Proclaim your truth and be the light that you are in the world”
Elima Mputu creator of Longo African dance of Anchoring

WeHereIt –


Women healing gatherings are a online or in-person sacred space to share, restore, and explore their inner world within a non-judgemental and compassionate environment. Women can come in as they are and be validated and honoured by other women. 

Longo Dance Ritual Ceremony (2:30 hours)

Longo Women Healing ceremony is for any woman who is starving for nourishment of mind/body/soul. A safe and inclusive space will be held for you to:

– to breath and move and feel yourself without any judgement.

– create healing, grieving and celebration container for yourself

– commune with your lineage, the earth and the subtle world

Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner dancer, Longo offers an opportunity to practice self acceptance and self love. 


Healing Women Circle (2:30 hours)

Healing Women Circles are are safe and sacred spaces to facilitate the movement of our energy, clearing, cleansing and healing at the level of mind, body and soul. Women are invited to cultivate self love and self acceptance to their most aligned and joyful self. HWC are suitable for all women, whether you have done yoga or not.

You can expect:

– aromatherapy


– breath exercises, Gentle yoga movements

– play and Intuitive movements

-Deep rest

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This private session are co-creative spaces where what needs to unfold, unfolds. All you need is a curious mind and an open heart.



10 min Innerpresence Practice on Instagram (new video available ever 2 weeks) FREE

Breathwork and meditation

Videos : here

6:30-8pm: Longo African Dance woman-only £13

In person

(back soon)


10-11am:  Outreach class: gentle hatha yoga


with Maa Shanti 

Hybrid class

Register: here


12:30-13:40: Communty class: Woman-only gentle Hatha yoga FREE

with HNG Old Fire station

Hybrid class

Register: here


8-9:30 pm: Monthly Woman Circle

Coming soon



11am-12pm: Community class

Chair-based yoga FREE

Hatha based yoga + breathwork + relaxation


Register: here


2-4:30 pm: Monthly Woman Gathering~

Longo dance Healing Ceremony £25

Next up: Sunday 17/6/2022

In Person

Register: Here


Free yoga and meditation videos and audios

to take you closer to your authentic Self

This yoga practice is aiming to support you in times of stress and/or heartache. Here it’s not perfecting postures but perfecting the heart.

Guided Meditation to help you visualization of goals


What People Are Saying

“Dunya is very professional and was able to adapt our sessions to my multiple sclerosis condition which, helped me a lot in my recovery”


“Dunya is an inspirational teacher and guide for people seeking to live their best life.

Through pranayama, guided meditation and physical practice, a path opens up towards greater self awareness and care. A holistic practice led with deep compassion and sensitivity. So supportive of personal development and inclusive in her teaching. An amazing zest for life and humanity. Total commitment and authenticity. An amazing energy created in her classes makes life better.”

Sarah Dewdney

“Over a two year period I spent my monday attending a yoga class. Little did I know that this would turn out to be a life transforming event, as I have been going to yoga class for many years. What was transformative was the healing presence of Dunya. She is one of those people who talks to the talk and walks the walk. Dunya embodies  wisdom, understanding, tenderness, kindness and care.”


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